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Grants to North Carolina Nonprofits, Health Departments, and Schools for Programs to Prevent...

Deadline 11/04/22 Conference Date: 10/05/22 LOI Date: 10/21/22

Grants to North Carolina nonprofit organizations, health departments, and schools for programs to prevent pregnancies amongst youth. The purpose of the program is to provide access to comprehensive education related to reproductive health and family planning. Priority w

GrantWatch ID#: 136929

Grants to California Agencies to Improve the Energy Efficiency of Facilities Serving Sensiti...

Deadline 11/18/22 Conference Date: 10/05/22

Grants to California private and public agencies for projects to improve energy efficiency in facilities in eligible regions. Funding is intended for improvements to facilities that serve sensitive populations, including children, pregnant women, seniors, and individual

GrantWatch ID#: 185815

Grants to North Carolina Nonprofits to Provide Reproductive Health Education and Adulthood P...

Deadline 11/04/22 Conference Date: 10/05/22 LOI Date: 10/21/22

Grants to North Carolina nonprofit organizations to provide reproductive health education and adulthood preparation programs to youth and adolescents. Funding is intended for programs related to reproductive health, including but not limited to pregnancy prevention, HIV

GrantWatch ID#: 205943

Grants to New York Artists, Nonprofits, Agencies, and Tribes for Local Arts Education Initia...

Deadline 12/15/22 Conference Date: 10/05/22

Grants of up to $5,000 to New York artists, nonprofit organizations, government and tribal entities, unincorporated organizations, and libraries in eligible counties for local arts education initiatives. First-time applicants are required to attend a grant workshop prio

GrantWatch ID#: 173940

Fellowships to USA Women Entrepreneurs to Expand Their Early-Stage Businesses

Deadline 11/03/22 Conference Date: 10/06/22

Fellowships of $5,000 to USA and territories women entrepreneurs in a wide range of industries to help them lead and expand their early-stage business. In addition to funding, fellows will participate in workshops and receive business guidance, as well as the opportunit

GrantWatch ID#: 166678

Grants to New York Agencies, Tribal Entities, and Bus Operators to Improve Transportation Sy...

Deadline 10/24/22 Conference Date: 10/06/22

Grants to New York government agencies, bus operators, and tribal entities to improve public transportation systems in rural areas. Funding is intended to meet the operating needs of rural public transportation services; help to replace existing buses and add new buses

GrantWatch ID#: 150903

Grants to Manitoba Nonprofits to Build the Workforce in Eligible Sectors

Deadline 11/21/22 Conference Date: 10/07/22

Grants to Manitoba nonprofit organizations to build the workforce in eligible sectors. Funding is intended for creative programming that assists in post-Coronavirus (COVID-19) recovery, stabilizes and expands small businesses, introduces new technologies to improve effi

GrantWatch ID#: 205896

Opportunity for Wisconsin Individuals in Eligible Regions to Participate in a Career Develop...

Deadline 10/09/22

Opportunity for Wisconsin individuals in eligible regions to participate in a career development program. The opportunity is intended to assist people who are seeking jobs in their communities or are looking to work remotely for companies across the country. The program

GrantWatch ID#: 201082

Awards to New Mexico K-12 Teachers for Excellence in Teaching STEM Subjects

Deadline 10/10/22

Awards to New Mexico science teachers in kindergarten through grade 12 who have demonstrated excellence in teaching the STEM subjects (science, technology, engineering, and math) to their students. These awards honor outstanding Informal Science Educators and K-12 scien

GrantWatch ID#: 160046

Grants to Alaska Individuals, Nonprofits, Small Businesses, Agencies, and Tribes for Histori...

Deadline 10/10/22

Grants of up to $40,000 to Alaska individuals, nonprofit organizations, small businesses, local and state agencies, and Tribes for historic preservation projects. Funding is intended to support grants in the following categories: planning, survey, inventory, historic co

GrantWatch ID#: 205840
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